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Behind BlackArtNews.com

Daniel C. Moss


Daniel Moss is an artist and entrepreneur.   Since 1999, Daniel has served as President & Chief People Person for HBCUconnect.com, the first social network targeting African Americans and the largest online network targeting alumni and students of Historically Black Colleges and Universities, boasting 2 Million+ online members.  His team is also behind sites BlackHistory.com, BlackNews.com, BlackJobs.com, BlackRomance.com and others, boasting nearly 1 million Facebook followers alone.  Some of Moss’ notable achievements include Best In Show – SC State Fair 2001 Regional Art Exhibition, which at the time was the largest juried art exhibition in the southeastern Unites States.  Honda Campus All-Star Hall of Fame Inductee (2015).  Ohio Martin Luther King Jr. Educational Leadership Award (2010).  In 2015 Moss unveiled 8 paintings included in the book Torchbearers:  The First Ladies of Claflin University, at Claflin University, to hang permanently on display at the University.


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Loretta MacDonald


Loretta MacDonald, a native of Paramaribo, Suriname, by way of Philipsburg, St. Maarten, serves as Co-Publisher of BlackArtNews.com.  Growing up in Suriname, a place regarded as among the most diverse populations in the world, Loretta nurtured a keen appreciation for the arts and and their diverse expression throughout varied cultures, especially influenced by African, as well as the indigenous dark-skinned artists and craftspersons in South America and throughout the Caribbean.  Once she transplanted to St. Maarten in 1995, Loretta opened a successful women’s boutique and personal fashion consultancy and prior to her move to the U.S. in 2007 supported local arts organizations as an extension of her business.  Loretta is fluent in 3 languages, with Dutch and Sranan Tongo being her native tongues.


Latosha Matthews


Latosha Matthews is a native of Columbus, Ohio and is a graduate of The Ohio State University with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Ceramics.  A multi-disciplined artist and advocate for women particularly, Latosha serves as Assistant Editor of BlackArtNews.com.  Latosha has served in many professional and volunteer roles in the arts, including Volunteer Information Specialist at The Columbus Museum of Art, Fine Arts Worker – The Ohio State Fair, Camp Creativity Instructor -Peggy R, McConnell Arts Center and Assistant Program Coordinator – Strategies Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE).  Latosha is married and the proud mother of three.