• Today is: Sunday, May 26, 2019

9 Things To Know Before Submitting Your News to BlackArtNews

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Want to contribute to BlackArtNews.com? Read this first—and then submit your story, blog post, or pitch.

1. Get to know BlackArtNews. As you know, this is key to pitching or submitting stories to any media outlet. If your news isn’t related to art, art marketing, art culture, or art lifestyle, sorry, we aren’t interested. The best way to know if your story fits the bill is to read BlackArtNews.com and familiarize yourself with the kinds of stories we run.

2. Send us your blog posts. Did you just publish something on your blog that’s perfect for BlackArtNews.com? Copy and paste it in the “Your story goes here” section on the Submit News page. In the “Anything else” section, explain what the post is about and why our readers will love it.

3. Send us story ideas. Something happening the art world needs to know about? Maybe you’ve just formalized a solo art exhibition at a local, or national gallery, or you represent an artist who recently won an award.  Have you changed professional roles, or landed a new gig? Tell us about it, along with links so we can see your work in action.

4. Write your own story. Did you see something in the news, or around the web that our readers would love? Maybe The Huffington post covered a developing trend in the marketing industry that the art community should know about, or an artist sparked a firestorm with the creation of a controversial artwork.  Write the story as it would appear on BlackArtNews.com, paste your copy in the “Your story goes here” section and make sure to include any links.

5. Pitch us an originally reported piece. Would you like to interview a big name in the art, or entertainment industry about their art collection, or involvement in a local art event? Write a story about a developing trend, or report on a controversial story? Send us a pitch with the story angle.

6. Include images and videos with your story or post. We love images and videos with our stories. Every story on BlackArtNews.com contains one or the other, so don’t be afraid to include them with your blog post or story. You can attach an image or video file in the field marked “Attach a file or screen shot.” Got another image or video file? Put it in the “Attach another file” field.  If the video has an embed code, paste that in the “Your story goes here” section.

7. Explain any conflicts of interest. If the story, blog post, or pitch you’re sending is about a client or the company you work, we need to know about it if we’re going to run your piece. Our reputation and yours relies on transparency.

8. We don’t want your press releases—at least not here. This is a forum to submit blog posts, stories, and story ideas related to something that’s in the news or blogosphere. If you do have a press release you’d like to share with us, please visit our partners at www.BlackArtPR.com.  here you can send your PR to all of the major Black media outlets throughout the United States, as well as all of the major art magazines and art-related news publications.

9. Don’t pitch yourself. If you’d like to become a regular contributor to BlackArtNews, don’t tell us why in this section—show us. The quality of your blog or story will do the talking for you. This is not a forum to pitch yourself.